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anti_digital's Journal

old school photography
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as a photographer who's tired of badly cropped, photoshop edited, perfectly bordered digital images that are permeating just about every other photography community (and in my opinion watering down the art of photography as a whole), i've started this community in a effort to return to real photography complete with film, happy darkroom mistakes, enlarger induced imperfect borders, chemical stains and etc.

some rules:

1. no digital images, there has to have been film/negatives involved in the photo making process (i have no real way of telling digital from real prints, so be honest people.. there are plenty of communities where digital is accepted). any other kind of image is welcome.
2. no digitally altered photos. it is understood that scanning a photo onto the computer often degrades the picture's quality, only for this reason can photo editing software such as photoshop be used. Changing a picture from color to black and white, cropping, using weird effects to get the photo to look better on the computer than the original print are not allowed.
3. stay on topic, if not posting pictures, at least post about photography.
4. if posting multiple large images, please become familiar with the lj cut tag.
5. only post work that is your own.

thank you, and remember... down with digital!

any questions? ask paper_crane

*yes, i know when a print is scanned onto the computer, it becomes digital. this community is against digital cameras, and images that have never existed outside of digital means.